She came on the first day of spring. My son was walking on air when he came to tell us she had safely arrived and her Mom was doing well!

“Olivia Mae”

My daughter was clocked going 80+ on her way to the hospital! (Yes, she got a ticket.) You could say she was excited to meet her new niece.

We were beyond thrilled!

Our first grandchild!


This is how they felt when Jesus entered Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. They threw their garments on the road in front of him to make a proverbial “red carpet.” They shouted, sang, and praised God.

Luke 19:38, “Blessings on the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest heaven!” NLT

Whenever Jesus comes, there is Peace. When He was born the angels sang, “Peace on Earth,” see Luke 2:14. When He returned, after He was resurrected, He said, “Peace be with you,” see Luke 24:36.

God is Love; Jesus is Peace.

Dear Father God, 

Thank you for giving Olivia to us 5 years ago. I’m so excited for her birthday party this afternoon! Thank you for sending us Jesus, who gives us His Peace. Thank you for giving me the strength to join in the celebrations for both of them today.

In Jesus Name,



Welcome Spring!


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