“Something’s cooking!”

It wasn’t a familiar smell, but I have smelled it before. I rolled over and tried, unsuccessfully, to go back to sleep. It was 5:30 a.m. and the aroma pulled me out of bed. In the kitchen, I turned on the light, and the coffee, and investigated.

It was Rachel’s rub!

Rachel gave David a rub for Christmas and he put it on the pork loin he is cooking for lunch. He is making BBQ pork sandwiches.

I made dessert!

That’s huge! I haven’t cooked since my surgery. (Luckily, David is a good cook.) We made it easy on ourselves by picking up macaroni salad, Cole slaw, chips, and cookies at the store. We are having a simple Easter dinner with just our immediate family.


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was with family on that first Easter weekend, too.

John 19:25, “Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother, and his mother’s sister…” New Living Translation

I didn’t realize her sister was with her when Jesus was crucified. But, of course, in times of grief family members gather close.

But…something was cooking!

When they went to the tomb the day after the Sabbath, it was empty!


Many churches provide an Easter breakfast. They want to encourage everyone to come. Why? Because something’s cooking! Don’t miss out!

Dear Father God,

Today we celebrate, as Paul Harvey would put it, “the rest of the story.” It’s not about the food, or the Easter dress which will not arrive until Tuesday. It’s all about You. You want us to come hungry…just the way we are! Thank You for loving us.

In Jesus Name,


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