It did not go well at the surgeons last night. He removed the stitches and I still had pain! After checking my stomach, he said there was gas trapped where my gall bladder used to be connected to my intestine. He told me to walk.

The hospital is a sterile environment with halls surrounding the center rooms. If you walk around that hall 8 times, you have walked a mile. I walked a 1/2 mile.

I ran into a friend, who gave me a warm hug and recommended peppermint to break up the gas. David took me home and left to buy peppermints. Since my stomach had been a little upset, and he thought the sugar would be bad for me, he brought home…

Peppermint Kaopectate!

(It was like drinking toothpaste.)

The surgeon grounded me to the couch for another week and restricted my activities until a recheck in the middle of April. I was feeling useless until I read today’s verse.

Proverbs 31:17, “She is energetic and strong, a hard worker.” New Living Translation

My job is to recover my energy and strength before I even think about working. Ecclesiastes 3:3 tells me there is a time to heal. This is my time.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for taking care of me and meeting my needs. Help me to be still and wait while You heal me.

In Jesus Name,


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