1 King’s 13:1, “At the Lord’s command…” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

I was ready to quit.

It would be easy to just post the monthly guides. Much easier than editing the slugs on my 3000 posts. (Sigh.) There is just something about Your Word. The Bible gets deep down into a person and you cannot sleep, eat, or anything, until you let it out somehow. 

Blogging is how I let it out. You show me something and I just have to share it with someone, somewhere. Even when I think only Aunt Sue is reading it! 🙂

I keep thinking was Paula’s idea. I have to admit she is head cheerleader; but the squad also contains, Michele, Ron, Jill, and Melinda. 

I know the posts each week come from You. I feel bad about Thursday’s post because I know there was more You wanted me to share. I am sorry I did not give it my best. I know what You want me to post Tuesday. Help me to record all of the information this time. 

I loved the time when I was recovering from surgery. Each day You gave me an assignment and I felt You so closely. I realize trust and faith grows when You seem further away. Although, You are not far away. You never leave me or forsake me. 

I promise to write what You command. Help me to never give in to discouragement.

In Jesus Name,


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