I was watching an episode of “Bonanza” where Ben was tired and just wanted to sleep. His family was keeping him awake and he decided to go to the hotel in town. Everything went wrong and he ended up being up all night.

Just watching it made me tired. I decided to go to bed early. When the episode ended, I tried reading, but God kept nudging me to go to sleep.

“But it was only 8:30 pm!”

I obeyed and slept 11 hours straight. That amazed me because I slept 12 hours on Sunday! I realized today that the Lord strengthens us while we sleep. He knew I needed it.

2 Chronicles 16:9, “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him…” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Thank You for caring about me enough to tell me to go to bed! Thank You for a restful night. I promise to obey sooner the next time You tell me to go to sleep. Thank You for the rest that only You can give. Thank You for granting me peace.

In Jesus Name,


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