The dream was so real that I thought it was happening to me!

A woman with shoulder-length, dark hair was working in a military office. The opposing party sent soldiers to take over. They were killing everyone. I knew she was a Christian.

She was looking for a way to escape. I woke up and God told me to pray for her.

After several minutes, I wanted to go back to sleep. God spoke clearly to my heart, “Would you rather be the one in danger, or living in a safe place and praying for one who is in danger?”

I had no trouble staying awake after that.

I have no idea how long I prayed, but I realized how privileged I am. After some time, I felt like the danger was over and I went back to sleep.

God showed me this woman in a dream. Macaiah saw the Lord sitting on His throne and heard what He said.

1 Kings 22:19, “Then Macaiah continued. “Listen to what the Lord says! I saw the Lord sitting on His throne with all the armies of heaven around Him, on His right and on His left.” New Living Translation

Macaiah may have seen it in a dream or he may have had a vision, Acts 2:17 or Joel 2:28. I’m still young…God shows me things in dreams.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for allowing me to live in a safe place. I pray for the Christians who are not safe. I pray for peace, courage, and protection. Thank You for the reminder to pray for them.

In Jesus Name,


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