I was the third born child. I would get discouraged when I read about the “rights of the firstborn” in the Bible.

2 Chronicles 21:3, “Their father had given each of them valuable gifts of silver, gold, and costly items, and also some of Judah’s fortified towns. However, he designated Jehoram as the next king because he was the oldest.” New Living Translation

Jehoram was the firstborn, but another child might have been a better king. Another child might not have killed all of his siblings, verse 4.

God didn’t always choose the firstborn in a family. He chose Jacob over Esau and Ephraim over Manasseh. King David was the youngest son and King Solomon was the 10th son.

No matter where you are in the birth order, God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Our job is to discover that plan and spend our lives fulfilling that purpose.

Dear Father God,

You planned every detail of my life, from when I would be born into my family to the day I will leave this earth. (I believe it will be when Jesus returns to rapture the church.) Thank you for showing me my purpose. Help me to do the best job possible. Thank you for choosing to use me.

In Jesus Name,


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