This is something we all have to evaluate for ourselves. Do I have a pagan shrine in my life?

2 Kings 12:2, 3, “All his life Joash did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight because Jehoiada the priest instructed him. Yet even so, he did not destroy pagan shrines, and the people still offered sacrifices and burned incense there.” New Living Translation

Joash didn’t destroy the pagan shrines and the results were:

  1. Eventually, he worshiped them, (2 Chronicles 24:17-19).
  2. He killed the son of the woman who saved his life, (2 Chronicles 22:10-12), and the priest who instructed him, (2 Chronicles 24:20-22).
  3. He lost all of the sacred objects and gold in the temple and the palace, (2 Kings 12:18).
  4. He was assassinated by two of his trusted advisers, (2 Kings 12:20, 21).

All of that would have been avoided if he had destroyed the pagan shrines.

Dear Father God,

Are there any pagan shrines in my life? Please show them to me and give me the strength to destroy them.

In Jesus Name.


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