A mother was trying to help her adult children determine how much they could afford as a car payment.

Child 1: I am looking at 3 different vehicles. They all have different payments, insurance, registration amounts, and miles per gallon. How do I choose?

Mother: You need to keep all of your auto expenses within 15% of your take home pay. It has to cover: payment, insurance, gas, registration, maintenance, and repairs.

Child 2: What is 15% of my income?

Mother: Divide your tithe in half and add that to your tithe amount. That will be 15%. What is your tithe?

Child 2: After Sunday’s sermon I upped it to $50.00!


A tithe is 10% of your income. Any amount above that is an offering. The tithe goes to the temple/church. You can designate the offering to anything: missions, building fund, needy fund, etc. We are instructed to keep God first by paying our tithe first.

In Amos, we read that the king took his portion (taxes) first.

Amos 7:1, “…This was after the king’s share had been harvested from the fields and as the main crop was coming up.” NLT

The king’s crop was planted and harvested first. It was a form of tax. Our taxes are “harvested” from our checks before we get them.

Every paycheck is a test. The first check you write tells you who your king is or what you are serving.

Dear Father God,

You have always taken care of us. We have no control over taxes, but if we limit our spending to what is left after tithing and saving, we always have enough. Thank you for the vehicles you have provided for us. 

In Jesus Name,


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