When I first started playing for services at the Fairfield FCOC Satellite, I had to practice for at least an hour every day. I had not played for a service for 8 years.

I didn’t know most of the songs. I was learning 4 new songs every week and also learning a new instrument. You can pound a piano, but not a keyboard. That was 3 years ago and now I only have to learn 1 or 2 new songs a month.

Last year, I was challenged to play the songs from memory. I put in a lot of hours memorizing the songs, but I know them now and only have to work on memorizing the new ones.

“Then Dianna moved away!”

She was the keyboard player on Wednesday nights and I would sub for her when needed. I found out that FCOC Mt. Pleasant is totally different from the Fairfield satellite! We sing the same songs, but in different keys and with different arrangements. I am in the process of memorizing the Mt. Pleasant versions of each song. Of course, they are introducing new songs there, too!

The difficulty came when the same song was chosen for Wednesday and Sunday…in different keys. I finally made a routine of working on the songs for Mt. Pleasant on Monday-Wednesday.

I take Thursday off because I never know what Joe has up his sleeve for the songs on Sunday: blues, country, honky-tonk, rock & roll, jazz, etc. I find out at practice on Thursday nights. We work on them for 2 or 3 hours, and then I work on them at home on Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday night, I played the service from memory, including a new song. I had to think about the chord I was playing and not let my mind go any further than to the next chord. I made a few mistakes, but it was good to totally rely on God, not myself.

Today, after reading my chapters, I didn’t have one verse that stood out to me. I went to the keyboard and played through the worship service for Sunday. God speaks to me through worship. I enjoyed playing and singing.

I came back to my office and started reading the chapters again. One phrase stood out…

Hosea 10:11, “…an easy job she loves…” New Living Translation

When we are using our talents for God, it is easy. There’s a lot of work, but it is enjoyable work.

I actually feel sorry for those who attend church, but never take a responsibility in the church. The church can be compared to your extended family; but if you become part of a working group, that group becomes your immediate family.

When I had surgery, the first call I received after coming out of recovery was from a member of the worship team. Ask around, somewhere in your church is an easy job that you will love.

Dear Father God,

They know we are Christians by our love for each other. Thank you for the extended family that I call my church. Thank you for an opportunity to use the gifts that you gave me. Your yoke is truly easy and Your burden is light.

In Jesus Name,


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