Pacifists will quote Micah 4:3, but only the second half of the verse, “They will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.”

They fail to read the first 2 1/2 verses. If they did, they would see what has to happen first:

  1. The Lord’s house will be the highest of all, v. 1.
  2. It will be the most important place, v. 1.
  3. People from all over the world will stream there to worship, v. 1.
  4. People from many nations will come to learn, v. 2.
  5. The Lord’s teaching will go out from Zion, v. 2.
  6. The Lord will mediate between peoples, v. 3.
  7. The Lord will settle disputes between nations, v. 3.

Then, and only then, will swords and spears be turned into plowshares and pruning hooks.

The only source of peace is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Micah 5:5, “And He will be the source of peace…” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

I am grateful that we can have peace even when the world around us is in chaos. Thank You for protection and guidance. Thank You for peace that goes beyond human understanding.

In Jesus Name,


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