“My washer has been dying since January.”

I was determined to use it until the bitter end. After it “ate” a few of my clothes, I started washing smaller loads. Thursday, it started “eating” its own gasket. I warned David and he said we could look for a new one today.

This morning, I put a load in and it would not fill with water. It started making “death noises.” I shut it off.

The lights never came back on…except the one saying, “door is locked!” I turned it back on and it tried draining the water.

There was no water!

I unplugged it and the door stayed locked. I hit “start” again. After several minutes of draining imaginary water, the door finally unlocked and I rescued my clothes.

We went to our locally owned Sears, and an hour later, I had a new washer in my basement.

Only God can line up sales people, and friends with strong backs, in a way to answer a need that quickly.

When we serve God, he causes us to be successful!

2 Kings 18:7, “So the Lord was with him, and Hezekiah was successful in everything he did…” New Living Translation

How to Become Successful:

  1. Do what is pleasing in the Lord’s sight, v. 3.
  2. Remove pagan shrines, v. 4.
  3. Trust in the Lord, v. 5.
  4. Remain faithful, v. 6.
  5. Carefully obey all the commands of the Lord, v. 6.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for providing a new washer. Thank you for delivering a floor model 2 days ago that had the features we required and was within our budget. Thank you for allowing Mark and Sean to drop everything and help us move both washers. Bless them for their willingness to help.

In Jesus Name,


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