I’ve been going over my hospital bill very carefully. When I was admitted, I thought we would pay our share out of our savings or by selling the truck.

I was relying on my wealth.

When we received the bill and found selling the truck would not cover it, I thought, “I’ll have to start mending for others.” I tried to think of any way I could earn money.

I was relying on my skills.

God doesn’t  want me to rely on my wealth or my skills. He wants me to look only to Him. He condemned the Moabites for relying on their wealth and skill.

Jeremiah 48:7, “Because you have trusted in your wealth and skill…” New Living Translation

(By the way, if you are reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, you are in the top 5% of wealthy people in the world.)

Dear Father God,

Once again, I choose to trust You. You already have this all figured out. Forgive me for trusting in the wrong things.

In Jesus Name,


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