The local community theater is putting on the play, “Beauty and the Beast.” The director ran into David and asked us to audition. He said no.

I was bummed. I would have loved to be in the chorus. They are such beautiful songs. We even had to be at the high school, where they were holding auditions, that same night.

But, I’m trying to do only what God directs me to do. David has authority over me, and he said, “No.” I didn’t audition.


Then, my dream job opened up on a part-time basis. I prayed about it, but didn’t have a vehicle because I told my son he could use it until he found one. A week later, he bought a Trail Blazer.

But, God still hasn’t said yes.

I read the job description and found they used a different program than the one I used before. I am not qualified.

God said no.

It’s hard to sit back and wait when seemingly perfect opportunities open up. It’s even harder when you are living under persecution, like the apostles were.

Acts 8:1, “…A great wave of persecution began that day, sweeping over the church in Jerusalem; and all the believers except the apostles were scattered through the regions of Judea and Samaria.” New Living Translation

I want to be like the apostles. I won’t go until He sends me.

Acts 8:14, “…they sent Peter and John there.” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the wonderful life I am living now. It may not look exactly as I figured, and I may not be able to do fun things, but you have assigned me a pleasant place. I am in your hands.

In Jesus Name,


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