I planned on vacuuming behind the couch today, but decided to tip it forward and vacuum underneath it, too. I found: the missing remote, $1.76 in change, 2 bobby pins, a Sudafed tablet, potato chips, pens, pencils, an expired coupon, Twizzlers, Cheerios, nails, a Barbie visor, rocks, cobwebs, a Gatorade lid, 1 M & M, and a circle stain of spilled pop.

I picked everything up; threw away the junk; destroyed the cobwebs and vacuumed. Then I got out the “Resolve carpet cleaner” and scrubbed the pop stain. Using my Hoover carpet cleaner, I went over the stained area several times. I dumped the filthy water and went over it again…which made more filthy water.

I left it to dry, and when David got home for lunch, he asked,

“What happened here?”

“Nothing happened. I just found an old stain and cleaned it.”

I clean under my couch, because someday we will sell this house. I want the carpet to be free of stains. Taking care of my home is work God gave me to do.

1 Corinthians 3:5, 8, “…Each of us did the work the Lord gave us…And both will be rewarded for their own hard work.” New Living Translation

I didn’t do the work to get a reward, which is a good thing, because an hour later, Derek came home for lunch, and asked,

“What happened here?”

(I told him he did it! Lol)

Most jobs are not glamorous, but they still need to be done. Whether we are cleaning, or planting a seed, or watering a seed, does not matter. What matters is doing our best on the job assigned to us.

Dear Father God,

Sometimes we feel like we are not doing anything worthwhile when we clean, cook, and do laundry. We just have to turn around and do it again tomorrow. But when we work hard, our sleep is sweet. Thank you for work.

In Jesus Name,


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