It was a beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning. I was with a group of musicians talking about other places where we had played.

One commented, “We left that place because they told us we could not drink wine.”

The discussion turned to, “Is it okay to drink alcohol, or not?” There were people who thought it was okay and others who disagreed. We didn’t quarrel, but everyone stated their views on the subject.

The one who commented stopped attending our church. I wondered if that discussion was a turning point for them. If I had to live it over again, I would walk away and not state my opinion.

Everyone is living out their faith, based on their conscience. An argument will not change their mind.

Romans 14:1, “Accept other believers who are weak in faith, and don’t argue with them about what they think is right or wrong.” New Living Translation

Once again, God is reminding me not to argue.

Dear Father God,

I ask Your forgiveness if I have caused someone to stumble. Forgive me for always giving my opinion and participating in arguments. Thank You for accepting me just the way I am. 

In Jesus Name, 


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