I was sitting in a Leadership class where we took turns reading the Bible verses in the lesson. Dianna, a Pastor’s daughter, was reading and she hesitated when she came to the name of a town.

I said the name, and she finished reading the verse. The man teaching the class asked me how I knew how to pronounce it? I told him it was a by-product of growing up on Bible Schools. Those names are familiar to me.


Paul was highly educated. Gamaliel was a famous teacher. Paul spoke several languages, but that didn’t impress the Jews. They didn’t listen until he spoke the language that was familiar to them.

Acts 22:2, “When they heard him speaking in their own language, the silence was even greater.” New Living Translation

I have yet to use SEO, Search Engine Optimization, that gives you words for which people are often searching.  I use words that are familiar to me. (Spell check is constantly asking me to “Explain.”) The traffic that comes to my blogs are there because God sent them. They listen because the words are familiar.

Dear Father God,

I pray that the words I type are always Your words. I trust You to speak to others through them. 

In Jesus Name,


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