I became housebound in 2008 when they stopped making the antihistamine/decongestant I  was using. A month later, the lady who sang in our wedding was given a year to live. She had already forgotten most of her family members.

I started writing her weekly letters, sharing memories since she was our next door neighbor when I was a teen. I wanted her grandchildren to know what an amazing woman she is.

When I ran out of memories, I started telling her about my week. I told her the funny things my kids said and did. I also told on myself!

Others heard about the letters and asked me to send them to mutual friends and relatives. I wrote to those in: nursing homes, jail, long stays in the hospital, deployment, and recently widowed.

The good news? My neighbor is still alive! The bad news? People didn’t like me writing about them. Even when the anecdote was more embarrassing to me.

I understand that; but I am not that interesting. I have decided it is easier not to write the letters at all. That way, I won’t offend anyone. I never lied in my letters and I have a clear conscience.

Acts 23:1, “…Brothers, I have always lived before God with a clear conscience.” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Forgive me for embarrassing anyone. 

In Jesus Name,


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