Our worship team has a manager. She is more like a Mom. She looks out for us, takes care of us, keeps us in line, and corrects us! We lovingly call her, “Momager.”

Friday, “Momager” called and told me to sit down. (I did.) Then she explained that the lead guitar player will have to work on Sunday. All of the other guitar players are out-of-town! I would have to play the lead on the piano.

We switched one song that was mostly guitar, to one that is mostly piano. I didn’t worry about it because I played lead for decades.

Then this happened…

…I woke up Saturday with one eye tearing up. The skin was red and swollen. I took Ibuprofen, (for swelling), and put a cold washcloth on it.

It got worse!

I took a picture, because I have to document all allergic reactions, and went to I found out the redness could indicate infection.

I called the doctor, but they couldn’t get me in. Knowing this has happened before, the doctor called in antibiotic eye drops and told me to use warm compresses for 20 minutes every three hours. At the first sign of infection, I was to get the prescription.

I had made it worse!

I used a cold compress. I even put an ice-cube on top of the washcloth for good measure! (File that under the follies of Frugalfish!)

My day revolved around those warm compresses. I fell asleep when I used the warm compress at 6 pm. When the timer went off, I woke up and saw a little sleep in my eye. To be safe, I decided to get the prescription.

The pharmacy was closed.

I practiced the songs with my eyes shut…just in case! Why did it have to happen this weekend?

1 Peter 4:12, “Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through as if something strange were happening to you.” New Living Translation

Ah, that’s why – it’s a fiery trial…and itchy!

Dear Father God,

I’m grateful I didn’t wake up with mucus in my eyes today. I plan on keeping my head down and avoiding people as much as possible. Maybe no one will notice my eye. Thank You for Mary J. who played for the nursing home service in my place. 

In Jesus Name,


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