America’s leader is not a king; he’s a president. People have a love/hate relationship with President Barak Obama. Some love him; some hate him. But no matter how we feel, or what party we support, we are to respect him.

2 Peter 2:17, “Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God, and respect the king.” New Living Translation

We are not to revere the president, our reverence is for God alone, but we are to respect him. If you cannot respect the man, respect the office.

The most important thing we can do is pray for him. Whether you see him as a friend or an enemy, it doesn’t matter, we are still responsible to pray for him. Believe it or not, God put him in office, (See 1 Kings 19:15, 16).

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the reminder to pray for our president, our country, our state, our county, and our home town. Be with us tomorrow as we celebrate our nation’s birthday.

In Jesus Name,


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