We took the back road to the nursing home for the service. On our right was a wooded hill and on our left was a wooded flat land, with the bypass just beyond it.

“I’ve always wanted to build a house on the side of that hill, ” David announced.

“Really?” I responded, “I wanted to build one there, when the view was a cornfield, creek, and wetlands. Now it is all woods, with the sound of the highway beyond it.”

Amazing, we both dreamed about the same hillside. We didn’t talk anymore about it. The first sentences I read today seemed to shout at me.

Jeremiah 6:1, “Run for your lives, you people of Benjamin! Get out of Jerusalem…” New Living Translation

Get out of the city?

I went to the county assessors website to see if any of those plots were for sale. I had trouble navigating the new website. I couldn’t even pull up the assessment on my home!

Years ago, we looked for a larger house. Our neighbors were also looking for a larger house. One day, there was a knock on their door.

“We would like to see your house.”

Two days later, they sold it. I told David when someone made an offer on our house, we would know it was time to move. I wonder? Is God preparing us for a move?

Dear Father God,

I trust you. It was a miracle that we were able to buy this house. It was a miracle that we were able to pay off the mortgage in 25 years. If you have another home in mind for us, I know you will show us. Make us willing to leave the house where our children were born. 

In Jesus Name,


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