A man and his wife, in our county, died violently yesterday. We will not focus on how they died, but on how they lived.

“He was my first sergeant in the national guard.”

“He was a fireman, like me.”

“He was a good man.”

“She was my uncle’s cousin.”

“She was a homebody, like me.”

“They lived two blocks away.”

Jeremiah 8:21, “I hurt with the pain of my people. I mourn and am overcome with grief.” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Hold their child close. I pray for the family members and the grieving community. Living in a rural area means each life touches our life. Someone we know is: related to them, worked with them, volunteered with them, lived close to them. I ask you to comfort each one. Thank you for grieving with us.

In Jesus Name,


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