Some days, I read the Bible and one verse seems to jump off the page. It may feel like instructions for my day, or God correcting me, or the answer to a dilemma I have wrestled.

Not Today

Other days, I read my chapters and none seem more important than the rest of the verses. I will read the chapters again…and again. On those days, I play through the songs for the service and then go back to my chapters. I always find my verse of the day then.

I started a habit of reading the chapters and playing the worship songs, before I write anything. I pray before I read and ask God to speak to me through His Word. Today I read why it is important to include worship music in your daily devotions.

Psalms 49:4, “I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles with inspiration from a harp.” New Living Translation

Wrestling with a riddle or dilemma? Listening to worship music will help you solve it.

Dear Father God,

I am grateful that I do not have to solve my dilemmas alone. I know I will find the answers I need when I read the Bible. Thank You for creating music to help me hear You.

In Jesus Name,


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