It was May, 2008 when my world stopped. The allergies had increased to the point that only steroids could keep them under control. Then I reached the maximum amount of steroids I could take. I had stepped down from my job five months before and was staying in the house to avoid allergens.

That month, the only antihistamine that worked for me was no longer available. I  was house bound and it looked like it was permanent. I felt like I was in exile.

Ezekiel 11:16, “…I will be a sanctuary to you during your time of exile.” New Living Translation

How was God my sanctuary? He gave me a plan. He reminded me of dreams that I let die years ago. He prodded me to complete projects I planned on doing “someday.” He nudged me to keep practicing and studying the piano, which gave me hope that I would play again.

Most importantly, he never left me. I felt his presence in my home during the day and during the hours of insomnia at night. He gave me joy. I wake up in the morning, and still say…

“I don’t have to go anywhere today!”

If your home, or job, feels like you are in exile, invite God in. He will make it a sanctuary.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for taking care of us over these last 8 years. I cannot believe the miracles that you have performed for us. Guide me as I go through my tasks today.

In Jesus Name,


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