Six times in this chapter God mentions keeping the Sabbath day and not violating it, Ezekiel 20:12, 13, 16, 20, 21, 24. Why is that important to Him?

“1) He wants to have first place in your life…2) He wants a blank page to write on…”

God wants us to come to him at the beginning of the week when we are fresh. He wants our undivided attention, not a distracted person who is thinking about work.

Ezekiel 20:12, “And I gave them my Sabbath days of rest as a sign between them and me. It was to remind them that I am the Lord, who had set them apart to be holy.” New Living Translation

The Sabbath day is actually a gift God gives to us. He wants us to rest and have peace.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for choosing me and giving me this special time of rest. I want to hear Your voice and that is why I come to You first in the morning and in the week. Help me to enter Your rest.

In Jesus Name,


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