Last night we watched, “God’s Not Dead 2.” I admit I admired her courage. I hoped I would never be tested in such a way because I am not that courageous. Then God spoke to my heart, “I gave her courage when she needed it!”

We can’t do anything without God. Over and over in the Bible, we read not to fear because He is always with us, no matter what happens.

Jeremiah 51:46, “But do not panic; don’t be afraid when you hear the first rumor of approaching forces. For rumors will keep coming year by year. Violence will erupt in the land as the leaders fight against each other.” New Living Translation

Written to the exiles in Babylon, who were already captives, they were told, “Do not panic; don’t be afraid.” As I look ahead to November’s election, I hear the same words. Regardless of who becomes president, Christ is King!

Dear Father God,

I remember times when You gave me courage and I spoke without fear. I know it was not me, but You speaking through me. I know You will give me the courage I need in the days ahead. I do not need to panic or fear. Help me to rely on You for courage.

In Jesus Name,


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