Today is the first day of kindergarten for my only grandchild. I can’t believe she is old enough!

Sunday, after church, she asked, “Grandma, can you take off my sandals?”


“I want to try on your shoes!”

(I was wearing pumps ad she loves high-heeled shoes!)

She makes us laugh and gives us hope. The world is always a better place when Olivia is around.


Today, we read of Jerusalem’s destruction. The chapter ended with King Jehoiachin being released from prison. Why is that important? It showed there was hope for Israel’s royal line.

Pray for the children at school. They bring us hope.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for sending Olivia to us. I pray that she has a good day at school. I pray that she doesn’t allow peer pressure to change her, but has a good influence on her peers. I ask you comfort Bethany today because sending your baby to school is hard!

In Jesus Name,


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