Peace has reigned over America. Pearl Harbor was such a shock because there had not been a war on American soil since the U.S.-Mexican War in 1846. That changed in 1993, when the terrorist blew up a truck bomb in the World Trade Center, see here.

Since then there have been many attacks, the most devastating destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

How did we have almost 100 years of peace from 1846 to 1941?

We honored the Lord.

Psalms 74:18, “See how these enemies insult you, Lord. A foolish nation has dishonored your name.” New Living Translation

What happens when we dishonor God?

Lamentation 2:3, “…the Lord has withdrawn his protection…”

Dear Father God,

I repent for my nation. Forgive us for dishonoring You. I know without Your mercy and protection, we have no hope. 

In Jesus Name,


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