On our anniversary, we purchase a gift together. We chose something for the house that is permanent. This year we chose to replace our porch light.

David looked at the available ones at work and chose a simple, inexpensive light, that matched the solar lights…of our neighbors! I chose a mid-priced, LED light with a decorative globe. I did not choose the most expensive or elaborate one.


Riches can lead us into sin. You want to have nicer things than your neighbors or to buy only the most expensive items. Ezekiel 28 highlighted some of the sins that riches can lead to:

  1. Your riches made you very proud, v. 5.
  2. Rich commerce led you to violence, v. 16.
  3. Your wisdom was corrupted by your love of splendor, v. 17.
  4. You defiled your sanctuaries with your many sins and your dishonest trade, v. 18.
  5. You think you are equal with God…

Ezekiel 28:2, “Son of man, give the prince of Tyre this message from the Sovereign Lord; ‘In your great pride you claim, “I am a god! I sit on a divine throne in the heart of the sea.” But you are only a man and not a god, though you boast that you are a god.'” New Living Translation

As our riches grow, we are to stay humble, peaceful, modest, and honest. Compared to most of the world, we are all rich.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for all Your blessings. I am grateful to live in America. You have blessed us beyond measure. Keep me humble, peaceful, modest, and honest. 

In Jesus Name,


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