When I started this blog, I dreamed of people reading the chapters with me and telling me the verse that impressed them in the comments. That worked for a little while in 2010, but most my followers are on Facebook. Those comments do not appear on this blog.

I patterned this blog the way I like to read blogs: no pop-ups, no ads, no donation requests, no affiliate marketing. I even allow you to view the entire post in your email. I did that because sometimes you have time to read a short post, but not a long one. It takes time: to hit the link, wait for the website to open, and see how long the post is.

That makes it nice for my followers, but they never have to visit the blog. That translates into no visitors and invisible comments.

That being said, I took a week to step back from my blog. I posted a question in the comments that went unanswered. I never spent time on marketing because making money is not the purpose of my blog.

I continued reading the chapters and writing what I normally posted, but I did not publish them…until today.

Daniel 7:1, “…write the dream down…”

I decided to share my dream for this blog.

If you are one who used my daily post as your time “reading the Bible,” you really cheated yourself. I share what God is saying to me. He has a special message for you! You will not get that message unless you read it for yourself. (I recommend reading it out loud.)

I am unsure of what to do. If I continue the daily posts, will that keep others from reading the Bible? There are six years of posts about each daily reading. You can search for posts by chapter.

It is time to design the 2017 Relevant Bible Reading Guide. I would like to present it in an “e-book” format. That will take more time. Should I concentrate on the 2017 guide and not publish my daily thoughts?

Should I skip both and work on marketing? (January and February 2017 are ready.)

During this week, I have found some blogs I want to read. That takes up, even more, time.

So, there it is. My dream. My questions.

Dear Father God, 

I know you will guide me into all truth, John 14:26, 16:13. I have asked for wisdom as instructed in James 1:5. Please make my direction clear.

In Jesus Name,


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