Every time I read the book of Esther I wondered why God allowed the first decree to be written. Today I got it.

It was to expose their enemies.

Esther 9:1, “So on March 7 the two decrees of the king were put into effect….” New Living Translation

Haman’s decree was written in April and the date chosen was almost a year later, see Esther 3:7. I’m sure during that year people taunted the Jews telling them they were going to kill them on March 7th and take their property. If their enemies had not been exposed, they could have picked off the Jews one at a time and greatly reduced their numbers.

It’s interesting that the Jews did not take the property of their enemies, see Esther 9:16. Their enemies thought they would get rich quick. Instead, they lost their lives. The Jews were not after plunder, just peace.

Dear Father,

Even when things seem to be going against us, You are working. Thank You for taking care of us. 

In Jesus Name,


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