Each day, after my devotions, I make a task list. I ask God the items I need to accomplish that day. Many days, they are the same items. Other days, God whittled down the list.

Monday, God nudged me to write sympathy cards. A dear friend went to visit his brother and found his spirit had left his body. I know the man’s mother, brothers, and sister. I spent the morning writing personal notes on each card.

Tuesday I was sick, but there was a doctor’s appointment we had to keep. I read my Bible, and then read a book in a darkened room, saving my strength for the trip to the doctor.

Wednesday the sickness was gone and God told me to do nothing. I was wiped out and readily agreed!

Today, I was instructed to respond to emails, likes, and comments on my blogs. That’s it? I could do that on my Chromebook on the couch.

Then I noticed the overflowing hamper. From my office, I cannot hear when my new washer stops, but I can from the couch. God knew I would be stuck on the couch most of the day!

I don’t think we give ourselves enough time to recover from illness, vacations, or a long trip.

Ezra 8:32, “So we arrived safely in Jerusalem, where we rested for three days.” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Thank You for taking care of me. Thank You for keeping me from doing too much, too soon. Thank You for healing me. Help me to hear Your instructions clearly.

In Jesus Name,


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