Sometimes, I think I’m crazy to keep a journal. After all, I’m just a writer in a small town in southeast Iowa. But I have no idea what God has in store for me. I’m amazed at the people who like my posts. It’s not my writing; it’s God speaking to people through my pen.

If the men in the Bible had not recorded the events during their lifetime, we would not have a Bible! It’s Biblical to write your memoir.

Nehemiah 1:1, “These are the memoirs of Nehemiah son of Hacaliah.” New Living Translation

I would love to read my mother’s diaries and I think my children and grandchildren would enjoy reading mine. My youngest son found our love letters and read them. He told me he understood us better because of it. I’m sure your descendants would enjoy reading about you.

Dear Father God,

I know You have a plan for each of our lives. I hope others can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them! Help me be kind to others as I record the events of the day.

In Jesus Name, 


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