Blogging can be like walking through a corn maze. There are so many options, but many lead to a dead-end.

I spent the last month exploring options and have run into many dead ends. I will sign up for a free service that is supposed to help with SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), only to find when I try to add the link to my blog that it’s not allowed unless I upgrade to “Premium.”

I am not blogging to make money; my goal is to help people. I do not want to invest any more money – my allowance can only go so far! But, I must have done something right!

When I started blogging in 2009, this blog was on the first page of Google. Then it disappeared as other churches, Bible Schools, Christian schools, and organizations started publishing their own Bible reading guides.

Today I wanted to print off the assigned chapters for October but I am unable to print from my Chromebook. I went on our laptop and typed “2016 Bible Reading Guide” in Google search. I was thrilled when my blog was #4 on page 1!

I clicked the link, clicked on the “Relevant Bible Reading Guide” tab, scrolled down to October, and printed it off. (Happy dance!)

I met my goal! I feel good! I’m doing good! I pray this is what I am remembered for – not like Ezer and Elead. I’m sure they did a lot of good during their lifetimes. I’m sure they met their goals, but that is not what was remembered about them.

1 Chronicles 7:21, “The descendants of Ephraim were…Ezer, and Elead. These two were killed trying to steal livestock from the local farmers near Gath.” New Living Translation

We don’t know the details. All we know is they died when they tried to steal. That left their families without a husband, father, or means of support. Women were not allowed to work or own a business back then. It was even rougher on their baby brother, born after their deaths. He was named Beriah.

“Beriah sounds like a Hebrew term meaning ‘tragedy’ or misfortune.'” New Living Translation Bible Text Notes

I want to finish strong. I want to be a source of pride for my relatives.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for putting me back on page 1 on Google! Thank You for encouraging me to keep studying and to keep trying. Help me to stay strong.

In Jesus Name,


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