It’s hard to do the right thing when someone is taking advantage of you. You may feel like giving up. But God sees the abuse. He sees when you are yelled at, blamed for everything, taken advantage of, and ignored.

He also sees your hard work:

  1. He sees when you scrub the mess on the stove left from someone else cooking the day before.
  2. He sees you pulling the pop cans and recyclable material from the garbage as you gather it up.
  3. He sees you removing pop can tabs, and cutting out Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for the school fundraiser.
  4. He sees you taking inventory of the refrigerator and planning dinner around the food that needs to be used up.
  5. He sees you freezing items to use later and giving away food you cannot use.
  6. He sees you mending instead of spending and repairing instead of replacing.
  7. He sees you cleaning the corners and cleaning out drawers.
  8. He sees the ever-present box for Good Will that you continually fill.
  9. He sees you washing windows, ironing, and doing other “old-fashioned” jobs that have fallen by the wayside in today’s modern world.

Genesis 31:42, “…But God has seen your abuse and my hard work….” New Living Translation

He is the God who sees and every blessing and reward comes from him.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for seeing me. Thank You for the rewards You have placed in my life. 

In Jesus Name,


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