When Pastor Rick announced the nursing home service, he called Jeff and Bev to the front. He asked them to explain what happened at the service. Bev mentioned part of the team and explained what they did.

It’s a far cry from the nursing home services I participated in for most of my life. Those services fell on the shoulders of 2 or 3 people. I played the piano, led the singing, and took requests. Jim gave the sermon and prayed with people. (It’s a coincidence that in both the church of my youth and the church I attended before, the leaders were named Jim!)


Jethro gave Moses the best advice about forming a team.

Exodus 18:14, “When Moses’ father-in-law saw all that Moses was doing for the people, he asked, ‘What are you trying to accomplish here? Why are you trying to do all this alone while everyone stands around you from morning to evening?’ ” New Living Translation

Now it is a joy to serve in the nursing home service, because the responsibilities are carried by a team. The service is announced over the PA system at 1:55 pm but it takes longer than 5 minutes to walk from the furthermost rooms to the gathering room with a walker! Mary J comes a half an hour early and plays hymns on their Steinway Grand Piano. They hear her playing and start the long walk.

Jeff and Bev tag team on the sermon. One will preach and the other will open in prayer, greet the people, and later close in prayer.

David usually gives an exhortation before leading the songs. I accompany him, and after the sermon, play hymns and take requests. This is the most special time of the service.

This is the most special time of the service. One or two will gather around the piano to sing. Joanne always stood by the piano singing and encouraging others to join her. She returned to the mission field last month and we haven’t found a replacement.

Bev always makes a treat, today it was candy corn trail mix. She passes it around while the team is visiting with the residents.

Mike and Paula come just to visit and pray with the residents. Vivian and Bonnie usually sit in the middle of the rows. They visit and make small talk. Some of these residents have no family nearby. They are lonely and just want someone to talk to.

Anyone can join the team. You don’t have to preach, play, or lead the singing. We are looking for people to:

  • Gather around the piano and sing hymns.
  • Pray with the residents.
  • Sit in a chair and make small talk with them.

When my children were small, I brought them with me to the nursing home. Yaric and Heather brought their children to the service and the residents loved seeing their pretty little girls. Next month I hope you join us and bring the kids!

Dear Father God,

Thank You for the wisdom of the aged. I will never forget the story I heard about Daisy the dog. She had one tricky owner and I will remember how she got what she wanted! Guide me as I choose the hymns for next months service.

In Jesus Name,


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