We would never even think about doing something to dishonor our God, but what about our rulers? Do we curse them?

Exodus 22:28, “You must not dishonor God or curse any of your rulers.” New Living Translation

I think of Mordecai in the book of Esther. He worked in the court of King Xerxes, (or Ahasuerus), see Esther 1:1. King Xerxes ruled a huge area that had been conquered in war. He honored his military men, see Esther 1:3. Mordecai’s own native country had been conquered. Mordecai may not have agreed with his wars.

King Xerxes liked to party! The party he threw to honor the military men lasted 180 days, see Esther 1:4. Mordecai may not have agreed with his excessive drinking.

King Xerxes divorced his wife and had her banished from the kingdom just for refusing to dress up and parade her beauty in front of the drunken officers. Mordecai may not have agreed with the way he treated women.

But, did he pray for him? Mordecai had no way of knowing that the militant, drunken, sexist king would one day marry his adopted daughter and become his son-in-law!

It doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with the politics of our president, state governor, or city mayor; we are instructed to pray for all of them.

Dear Father God,

The Bible is clear that You set and depose kings, Daniel 2:21 and Psalms 75:7. We don’t have to agree with their politics to pray for them. Help me to honor You by praying for all the rulers.

In Jesus Name,


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