The smoke alarm went off, waking me up. (Is it Thanksgiving? No! It’s my birthday! David is making me breakfast.)

He baked “German Pancakes.” He didn’t have to go to all that work. I would have been happy with something from a bakery and fresh fruit. (In fact, I stopped before church last night and picked up croissants, chocolate Eclairs, and fresh strawberries.)

I looked at my assigned chapters and thought, “What can I get out of Exodus on birthday?” Silly me. The first phrase was my instructions.

Exodus 29:1, “This is the ceremony you must follow…” New Living Translation

I should write a detailed list for the way I would like to spend my birthday. Taking the day off is not always an option, neither is going away for the weekend.

But a chocolate eclair goes a long way!


P.S. I have read out of Exodus on my birthday since 2009. Out of curiosity, I looked up the posts on my birthday each year.

2015Exodus 29:1, “…consecrate them…” English Standard Version “My birthday should be the day I renew my vow to serve the Lord.”

2014 – Exodus 30:34, 35, “…make the mixture pure and holy.” Contemporary English Version “My husband bakes a special cake each year called “Chocolate Chip Torte.”

2013 – Exodus 25:11, “…overlay the ark with pure gold…” “The doctor ordered me to stay inside…reminded me of the three shadow boxes…painted gold inside and out…marked ‘Pamela’…”

2012 – Exodus 25:2, “…every man who gives it willingly…” “I asked for shelves…in my office…my husband is building them today!”

2011 – Exodus 26:30, “Set up the Tabernacle according to the plan..” “God has a plan.” (I was sick for 6 weeks in September and October of 2011. I spent 104 consecutive days in the house that fall.)

2010 – Exodus 30:36, “…Where I will meet with you…” “He is ready to meet with me anytime.” (My son’s senior year. I was housebound and it was my first year blogging. My husband attended all of my son’s events, did the shopping, errands, and I was alone most of the time.)

The Word of God is living. I will read in Exodus on my birthday for the rest of my life because I will write a new “Relevant Bible Reading Guide” every year. I know there will be a phrase on each birthday that speaks to what I am experiencing that year. History proves it!

Dear Father God,

Thank You for another birthday. Thank You for family members to celebrate it with me. Help me make this year better than last year.

In Jesus Name,


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