“Jesus sought out people prepared to do more than just believe in Him – He wanted people willing to follow Him. . . . willing to leave where they were . . . a life of radical commitment . . . they must give up things they want . . . No half-measures, but a willingness to follow Him full-time.”

We call them “Break Up Doughnuts.” It’s Carry M.’s fault. On a hot, summer day she brought doughnuts for the worship team. Then she broke the news that her husband got a new job on the other side of the state. They had to move in 6 weeks.

We were crushed. This band played together for 2 years. We were losing a lead singer. God moved Kiley and Carry away but brought in more singers. He’s brought in musicians to play and has moved instrumentalists away. We are just a part of God’s plan.

We are like a post in the Tabernacle.

Exodus 38:19, “It was supported by four posts, each set securely in its own bronze base.” New Living Translation

The Tabernacle was designed to be mobile. All the curtains were folded up and the posts gathered up when the Israelites moved. They stayed at some places for a few days, and at others for months. It does not say the posts were assigned to a certain curtain on a specific side of the Tabernacle. Wherever they were set, they held up the curtain.

We are like the posts and our base is Jesus Christ. We need to be set securely in Him to do our job, regardless of who is serving next to us. We cannot follow our favorite singer or instrumentalist. We follow Christ. We stay at our post.

Dear Father God,

We still miss Carry, Sandy, Brian, Katie, Steve, Tyler, Ken, Matt, Jordan, the other Steve, and Sonese. We don’t understand Your plan but we know You have a plan for each of them. I look forward to heaven when we will all be worshiping together again. Help me to stay firm at my post.

In Jesus Name,


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