If you read either of my blogs for some time, you already know I hate exercise! I try to trick myself into working out. I put on exercise clothes when I get up. I read Facebook while I am walking. I play music to keep moving.

Yesterday was a complete failure. I put on my exercise clothes and started my daily routine. Normally, I finish reading and doing laundry before noon. Not yesterday.

I found myself at 6 pm, still in my exercise clothes, folding the last load of laundry. David and Derek made supper. It was just one of those days.

I found the answer to my dilemma today.

Leviticus 6:10, 11, “In the morning, after the priest on duty has put on his official linen clothing and linen undergarments, he must clean out the ashes of the burnt offering and put them beside the altar. Then he must take off these garments, change back into his regular clothes, and carry the ashes outside the camp to a place that is ceremonially clean.” New Living Translation

My interpretation of these verses?

  1. Get up and dress for the day.
  2. Change to exercise clothes, and appropriate undergarments, before I dump the garbage and start the laundry.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Clean up and change back to my outfit for the day.

The priest had more duties than just dumping the ashes from the altar. He would change back into his official linen clothing after he dumped them. Then he would complete his daily duties.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for caring about every little detail of my day. Thank You for giving me guidance in Your Word. You know the number of hairs on my head; of course, You care about my daily schedule. Help me to live this day to its fullest.

In Jesus Name,


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