“What’s for dinner?”


“Leftover what?”

(This is always followed by a groan.)

It’s hard switching from cooking for a family of five to cooking for 2, maybe 3. It never fails, if I make enough for Derek, he decides he doesn’t care for my menu, or have time to eat, and grabs something on his way. Then I end up eating the same menu 4 days in a row. (Yuck.)

What if I started eating like the priests?

Leviticus 7:16, 17, “. . . the meat must be eaten on the same day. . . . but whatever is left over may be eaten on the second day. Any meat left over until the third day must be completely burned up.” New Living Translation

I don’t like wasting food. I think I would revise it to freezing any food left over on the third day. It would be nice to have a dinner in the freezer to eat when they both are gone.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for the food You provide. Those pork chops covered in mushroom sauce, baked potatoes with sour cream and fresh chives, buttered beans, and a croissant was delicious. Show me when to make a little and when to make a lot.

In Jesus Name,


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