Leviticus 15:24, “If a man has sexual intercourse with her and her blood touches him, her menstrual impurity will be transmitted to him. He will remain unclean for seven days, and any bed on which he lies will be unclean.” New Living Translation

NIV Study Bible Notes says, A case of the woman’s period beginning during intercourse. This is different from (Leviticus) 18:19 and 20:18. During her period a woman was protected from sexual activity.

In our over-sexed society, this would be unheard of. To abstain from sex for one week a month?

Yet, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It would be as satisfying as the first meal after a fast!

Dear Father God,

You created sex. You want us to enjoy the act of intimacy to its fullest. Thank You!

In Jesus Name,


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