My Facebook feed is full of the names and faces of Veterans from all wars. I especially like the photos from World War II because that generation is called “The Greatest Generation.” In those photos, you will see a husband and wife both in uniform. Some served overseas and some kept the home fires burning.

Numbers 1:2, “. . . record the names of all the warriors . . .” New Living Translation

How will they remember my generation? I just hope we are not compared to the children of Israel at the beginning of Numbers.

“The discontented whining of a young child can be difficult to ignore. Likewise, the childish whining of the Iraelites in the wilderness characterizes the book of Numbers. . . . Scouts were sent to explore the Promised Land. . . their report was unfavorable. The people doubted God’s ability to give them their inheritance, and they complained against him. Because of their unfaithfulness, God condemned them to wander in the wilderness until the generation of complainers died and a new generation took their place.” New Living Translation Introduction to the Book of Numbers

Dear Father God,

Forgive me for every time I gave into discontentment, whining, doubting, and complaining. I know You will give me my inheritance. I will remain faithful to You. Help me to guard my tongue.

In Jesus Name,


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