This morning I finished checking the bulbs on the tree and wrapping the trunk with a roll of paper, colored to look like a tree trunk. I remembered the Thanksgiving I started the ritual of doing crafts after the meal. The craft is actually making Christmas decorations to go with that year’s theme.

As I wrapped the trunk, I remembered: Cheryl, Rachel, Samantha, Laura, Bethany, and Olivia coloring it with me. That year Stephanie helped me roll small sheets of Christmas Carols up into scrolls and tied them with black ribbons. Last Friday I shared the craft projects for this year.

You can misunderstand rituals. I shocked one family member when I asked others to help me make them. I did it to have input from my creative and talented family members and to make a memory. Moses’ ritual was also misunderstood.

Deuteronomy 9:17, “So I took the stone tablets and threw them to the ground, smashing them before your eyes.” New Living Translation

“Breaking the Ten Commandments was a ritual for invalidating or repudiating contracts or agreements.” ABC’s of the Bible

Moses didn’t break the Tablets to show how angry he was; he broke them to show the covenant God made with the children of Israel broke when they worshiped the golden calf.

Dear Father God,

We may not understand other people’s rituals – like blowing up the Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve – but help us to respect them. Rituals and traditions are important this time of year. Help us to remember the time together with family is more important than any ritual or tradition. 

In Jesus Name,


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