When I was a little girl, worship was reading the words in the hymnal as I sang. When I started piano lessons, worship was reading the notes as well.

As a teenager, I sang in a choir, trios, and quartets. Worship was finding the harmony line no one else was singing and singing that part. I started playing piano during services.

When I moved to Fairfield, worship was reading the lips of the organist as she mouthed the chord changes. They sang different choruses and I had to learn them. I learned to play by ear.

As an adult, worship was playing the lead on the piano. Then my health failed. I became housebound. I didn’t play for a service for 7 years. Worship was me playing and singing to my audience of one – God.

In 2011, my immunity was so low that if someone at the lumber yard, where David worked, got sick, I would catch it, even if he didn’t get sick. The doctor allowed me to go to church to build my immunity back up.

I began substituting on keyboard and worship was playing chord changes, softly, following the lead guitar. Then the keyboard player moved away and I had to learn all the songs.

When Whitney joined the team, worship became fun again! She played the funky parts and I was back to playing straight piano parts.

Then Joe told me I needed to memorize the music. Yikes! I was back to practicing an hour every day and being nervous again on Sundays.

I settled into a routine and the keyboard player on Wednesday night moved away! We did some of the same songs, but in different keys, with different arrangements! It’s true; worship changes!

Deuteronomy 12:8, “Your pattern of worship will change. . . .” New Living Translation

I was finally getting comfortable again when they hired a Music Director! He picks a different sound for each song, and sometimes, has me switch sounds between the verses and the choruses!

It’s really fun . . . but a lot of work!

I show up 1-1/2 hours before the service to practice. The poor guy has to give me a lesson every week on playing the funky sounds!

I’m back to being a little nervous and on my toes during worship. Maybe that’s why God changes worship, to keep us paying attention to Him.

That’s the point of worship after all!

Dear Father God,

First, thank You for allowing me to live in a country where I can worship freely. Second, thank You for giving me these musical gifts. Help me be flexible for the next time worship changes. 

In Jesus Name,


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