It confused me when God pointed out today’s verse. I had just gone over my list of Christmas gifts to purchase. They are new, not defective!

Deuteronomy 17:1, “Never sacrifice sick or defective cattle, sheep, or goats to the Lord your God, for he detests such gifts.” New Living Translation

Then I wondered if it was the amount I planned to put in the offering on Sunday. Was my gift too small? When I am not sure what God is trying to tell me, I play a worship song. I played through one and got nothing.

I decided I might as well practice the worship songs for Sunday. Usually, I go through them at practice, but we canceled practice because of a Christmas concert.

I sat down and started playing the first one. It was an old one that we haven’t played for awhile. My playing was definitely defective. The way I played the second one on the list, another old song, was positively sick! God was trying to tell me to practice! If I didn’t, my playing on Sunday would not be an acceptable offering!

Dear Father God,

I ask for instructions for the day and You direct me. You are a loving father. It would have mortified me if I had played this badly on Sunday. Thank You for watching out for me.

In Jesus Name,


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