Twenty-nine years ago, on this date, the scariest weeks of my life ended when my daughter was born. It started in October when I felt something was wrong. David had tickets to see the Iowa Hawkeyes play in Burlington and he told me I was just tired.

A few hours later, I knew I wasn’t just tired and called my mom. She watched 18-month-old Luke and had my sister, Michele, drive me to the hospital. Michele was also pregnant and she’s 3 inches shorter. When we arrived at the ER, they put her in the wheelchair!

The doctor was grave after examining me, “Your baby is coming and it’s too early. We will have to send the baby to the NICU unit in Iowa City. You had better call your husband.”

“He’s at an Iowa Hawkeye basketball game!”

“Then you had better call your minister.”

“He’s with my husband!”

It was a scary night; David arrived and Michele went home. At 9:15 am the next morning the contractions suddenly stopped. At 9:15 am on Sunday mornings, Aunt Nellie was opening Sunday School with prayer and she prayed for me!

The doctor put me on bed rest and I took medication to stop the contractions. He said she would be born within 24 hours of stopping the medication. It astounded him when the labor stopped on Sunday morning. Then it confused him when I didn’t go into labor after stopping the medicine. It was two more weeks before labor started and stopped. They sent me home!

But on December 5th, it started again. They were ready to send me home again when they heard another snowstorm would hit in a few hours. Before they broke my water, I called Paula and told them she would pray for me until I delivered.

Laura Michele arrived 45 minutes later and the obstetrician asked for Paula’s number! The doctors said she would be born October 30th and again on November 16th. Her birthdate was a secret known only to God.

Deuteronomy 29:29, “The Lord our God has secrets known to no one. . . .” New Living Translation

You won’t believe how she is celebrating her birthday today – she’s going to an Iowa Hawkeye basketball game with her dad. But first, she’s going shopping with me!

Dear Father God,

Thank You for blessing us with a daughter. I know You have a special plan for her and that is why Satan tried to kill her before she was born. I am grateful for all the babies You have sent this year. Be with them and their mammas during this special time of year. Christmas Carols make the best lullabies! Thank You for sending Your Son.

In Jesus Name,


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