If you look at a map of Iowa, you cannot find “Turkey Scratch” or “Bogus.” But those who grew up around Batavia know where both of them are. “Turkey Scratch” is a hilly section of road going through the woods south of Batavia.

My grandparent’s farm was just south of “Bogus.” I was a teenager before I learned the town is actually called “Abingdon.” “Bogus” was the nickname given to it after some counterfeiters, who set up shop in Abingdon, were caught.

Today we read the names of many towns. Out of curiosity, I wrote down all the names of towns in these chapters – over 5 pages of them! I looked up where they are on today’s maps. I found many were springs, wells, and landmarks.

  1. Hesbon – in Jordan
  2. Dibon – in Jordan
  3. Bamoth-baal – Jebel Attarus
  4. Beth-baal-maon – Fortress of Mi-Un S.W. of Heshbon
  5. Jahaz – Belka of modern Arabs
  6. Kiriathaim – 6 miles from Baal-Meon
  7. Zereth-Shahar – Southside of Wady Zerka M’ain
  8. Beth-peor – Minyeh
  9. Beth-jeshimoth – new Jeshimoth springs
  10. Arorah – 12 miles east of Beersheba
  11. Ramath-mizpeh – er-Ram 5 miles N of Jerusalem
  12. Betonim – 3 1/2 miles SW of Sea of Salt
  13. Mahanaim – 14 miles SE of Bethshan
  14. Succoth – E of Jordan Valley
  15. Zaphon – on the banks o Yarmuk
  16. Astaroth – Tel Ashtarah in Jaulan
  17. Hezron – 4 1/2 m No of Arad
  18. Kadesh barnea – El-Weibeh W sid of Valley of Arabah
  19. Debi – edh Dhahaureyeh SW of Hebron
  20. Kiriath-jearim 9 miles between Jerusalem and Lydda
  21. Kerioth-hezron K Ureitin 4 1/2 miles No of Arad
  22. Beersheba – Bin es Seba
  23. Mizpeh – Suf N of the Jabbok near Jerash
  24. Beth-dagon – S of Beit Dejan
  25. Mareshah – close to Beith Jibrin
  26. Dannah – Idhna 8 miles W of Hebron
  27. Eshtemoh – Semu’a S of Hebron
  28. Eshan – Es Simia nea Dunah
  29. Beth-tappuah – Tuffuh W of Hebron
  30. Maon – M’ain S of Hebron
  31. Jezreel – Meij ibn ‘Amr’
  32. Beth-zur – Beit Sur
  33. Beth-anath – Ainitha 6 miles W of Kedesh

There is one city, whose name never changed. It is the most recognized city in the world.

Joshua 15:63, “But the tribe of Judah could not drive out the Jebusites, who lived in the city of Jerusalem . . .” New Living Translation

A city in the Bible may not be found on a map, but that doesn’t mean it did not exist – just like “Bogus” and “Turkey Scratch.”

Dear Father God,

Reading the Bible is a geographical lesson of the middle east! No wonder the Bible was the only textbook used in America. Thank You for giving us such an informative book.

In Jesus Name,


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