Thursday David called to tell me his dad, John, had suffered a stroke. I went right to the hospital with his sister. John was in the hospital with COPD, emphysema, and pneumonia.

By late afternoon, he seemed better and was even breathing easier than the day before. He got to see all of his grandchildren and I expected him to recover.

At 2:30 am Friday morning, we got the call that he slipped away peacefully. We dressed and got in the van. The song on the radio was “Tell Me” by Carrolltown. We listened in silence, soaking up the message as we drove a mile to the hospital.

I don’t know how people walk through this valley of grief without Jesus Christ holding them up. How do they wade through the avalanche of details in planning a funeral without the peace only Jesus gives?

Judges 5:3, “Listen, you kings! Pay attention, you mighty rulers! For I will sing to the Lord. I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel” New Living Translation

We don’t sing to the Lord because he requires it. We sing the song that He sends, and we derive comfort from it. This is the chorus of “Tell Me.”

“Tell Me” by Carrollton

“Tell me I am loved. Tell me I am known,

that you died for me I am not alone.

Tell me I’m your child, the one your heart beats for

and I will find my strength knowing I am yours.

You’ve always known what my heart needs

and you tell me.”

Dear Father God,

Thank You for giving us a song even in the darkest of nights. I pray for Jane, his wife, and his kids: David and Melinda. I pray for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I pray for his sisters and nieces and nephews. You are the God of all comfort. Thank You for giving us comfort and carrying us during this difficult time.

In Jesus Name,


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