What a weekend! We lost my father-in-law on Friday and planned a funeral. We canceled the family Christmas on Sunday. We were going to spend today in Ames to watch our son’s girlfriend graduate with highest honors from Iowa State.

But the weather outside is frightful!

Instead, last night we sent our son to stay with her dad and ride to graduation with him. He texted us when he arrived. She asked us to stay home and watch the graduation online.

This morning we texted our son to see if they made it safely to Ames. He replied that they were there and she was nervous. She worried that she might trip in her cap and gown. I sent her this text.

Psalms 121:3, ‘He will not let you stumble. . .’ (New Living Translation) Hold your head high; God’s got your back.”

She did!

I got a screenshot of her accepting her diploma with a big smile. Her head was held high and she walked across the platform like the King’s daughter that she is!

Even during sad times, God gives us things to smile about. We were at the hospital at 4 am waiting for the funeral director. I went on Facebook to see if my sister was up. She wasn’t, but there was a picture of a newborn baby. My father-in-law’s great-nephew had a baby boy that night. They named him Brayden and spelled it the same way as his grandson. We all smiled as we looked at the handsome face of another king’s son.

Judges 8:18, “. . . They all had the look of a king’s son.” New Living Translation

Dear Father God,

Thank You for looking out after our kids. Thank You for sending Brayden when we needed a reason to smile. Thank You for getting our son safely to Ames and thank You in advance for getting all her family safely home.

In Jesus Name,


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